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It's a fact that over 95% of Craps players have no method or set approach to how they play.  They randomly pick numbers and have no consistent betting strategy. Don't make the mistake of hitting the tables without a strategy. To win consistently, you need to implement a betting system that manages both your bets AND your bankroll. Every system will not only show you what numbers to bet, but also helps you manage your money so you will minimize losses and maximize gains!  Watch the following video to learn more:




101 Craps Strategies is exactly what it sounds like! I've put together 101 of the best craps strategies being used today by both casual and professional craps players. I'm an avid craps player who's tried almost every system and strategy I can get my hands on. From experience, I know that not one system will work for everyone; there are different types of players with different expectations, needs and bankrolls. So, whether you like to play the pass line, don't pass line, numbers, field bets, bet big, bet small or any and everything in between, 101 Craps will have a system for you! 


101 Craps Strategies contains the best of the best, hand selected craps strategies. Everything is in a uniform, easy to read format and even has a clickable Table of Contents. It is hands down the most complete and most organized collection of craps strategies you will find...ANYWHERE!


The best part is that with 101 Craps Strategies you're not stuck to one approach. You have the option to try as many or as few systems as you like until you find the one that works best for you.  PLEASE do not be intimidated by the number of systems...because everything is written and organized so well, you won't be wasting time searching through tons of pages of useless filler information.  Yes, there are 101 strategies, but some are as short as half a page and take very little time/effort to learn and implement.  There are also longer, more in depth systems that will take time to learn and master, but I guarantee there is something for everyone!


I'll let the results speak for themselves...these are just a few recent emails I have received from my happy winners:





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I provide FREE 24/7 email support to all customers, so if you have questions about any of the strategies you can contact me anytime and I'll respond right away.


As someone who has struggled to find the right strategy myself, I want to make these affordable for everyoneDon't mistake the low price for low quality!  Some of the strategies included in this book sell for $100's ALONE. 


Yes...$100's for just one strategy, and you can get them ALL for a fraction of the cost.  ANY craps player knows numbers enough to understand that it's in your favor to at least give it a shot...the upside from any one system is HUGE! 


Using the methods in 101 Craps Strategies I expect you to SIGNIFICANTLY increase your profits and walk away from the craps tables a winner the majority of your sessions.  


Last but not least, there is a 60 day 100% Money Back Guarantee!  If you're not happy with the product, I'll issue a full refund, no questions asked.  There is NO risk on your purchase...the book will pay for itself the first time you use it! 







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